4 Convincing Reasons To Trust Mugsby

4 Convincing Reasons To Trust Mugsby

Hello, wonderful human! You've found Mugsby! And now you need to know more about the people behind the scenes, the ones who make it all happen. Can you really trust this random site you happened upon? (Hopefully it's not random at all. Hopefully your friend told you she bought this really rad mug from Kelly at Mugsby, and you should get one for yourself because your coffee will taste like shit if it's not in a MUGSBY mug. Y'all, I cuss sometimes. Sorry!)

Now, let me win you over and earn your trust so that we can become bffs. You'll start by having a design question or a question regarding mug customization (what?! You didn't read all of our policies and helpful pages?! Get outta town) I'll answer you and end the message with a simple smiley face emoji. You'll respond. I'll respond back. Meanwhile, we'll be oversending lols to each other. It'll turn into a simple email chat, then a phone call, and the next thing you know, I've flown to your city, and we're having coffee together.

best friends having coffee

If you're hesitant about all of this, DON'T BE! You can trust us! Here's why:

W E   W O U L D N ' T    B E   M U G S B Y   W I T H O U T   Y O U .

Yes. We want to grow. We want to be big time (doesn't everyone?) But we know our roots. We know that you can't sell a product if we don't have people to buy it. We will never lose sight of the fact that our customers are top priority. We will respond to your emails when you have an order issue, and we will always find a solution! We want you to love your products so you'll come back to us. And be ours forever.

W E   H A V E   G R E A T   R E V I E W S .

Anyone can say this, right? We can prove it. Just head on over to our Etsy shop and read the reviews! In our first year of being open, we had a 4.98 rating out of over 3,000 ratings. The top three things mentioned in these reviews are: great customer service, fast shipping, and easy to work with.

W E   H A V E   G R E A T   P R O D U C T S .

Again, I could totally just say this. But, we had over 12,000 sales in our first year of Etsy, and the reviews prove that we're the bees knees, the real deal, the cat's meow. We examine our products for blemishes, blurriness, cracks, etc., and Troy does not let a mug pass if it's remotely in question. If we get to the point that your product is not how described, send us an email! We'll answer you and find a solution.

W E ' R E   P A R E N T S .

What? This is weird, you say. I know. But just listen. We're parents! We have mouths to feed. They rely on us. Which means, there's no slacking off when it's time to work. We get it done. Mugsby is our third child. We treat it like the princess that it is. We want it to succeed, and we know what it takes to get it done.

Now, go ahead, send us a message on our contact form. We're just a few clicks away from a long time friendship.

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Best mugs in existence! Best customer service and BEST PEOPLE!!!!

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