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T H I S    I S    N O T    Y O U R    T Y P I C A L    L O V E    S T O R Y

We didn't have some weird obsession with coffee that lead us into dreaming of a coffee mug shop. Nope. Our story is rather quite simple. It was just a thought. But then it grew into much more. Tons of research. A simple investment in a mug press. Learning photography. Polishing our photoshop skills, and there you have it!

Officially opening an Etsy shop in January 2016, we realized that people loved our mugs. Our original designs and overall quality drew our customers in. With a 4.98 star rating (out of 5) on Etsy and over 12,000 sales in our first year, we knew we were doing something right! We knew the next step could only be launching our own site. And then, obviously, world domination. But we'll tackle that another day. Maybe you'll help us.

We are a husband and wife team who left corporate America to pursue our dreams. As a web developer and speech language pathologist, we decided to transition the skills from those careers into a world of mugs. We think it worked!

We know our mugs are used in very special occasions including pregnancy announcements, graduations, and weddings..to name a few. Every mug we send and every picture or video shared by our customers of these magical moments makes us giddy all over again! It seems silly, but mugs have created something special for us. Our unimpressive "love" story ends with a true addiction to coffee, a passion for being involved in special moments for others, and a dedication to our customers. We have truly made friends with many of our customers who continue to come back, and for that, we love you. Welcome to the Mugsby family.


M E E T  O U R  T E A M

  • KELLY - (she/her) owner, operator, graphic designer, social. Described as having too many ideas at any given moment but also loves staring at walls whenever possible. Very basic bitch in all aspects. Only wears black.
  • TROY - (he/him) owner, graphic tee maker and lover of all things screen print, handles all things business related. Described as a perfectionist and will stop anything he's working on to help out. 
  • JON - (she/her) customer service, shipping manager, chief party promoter. Mom joke game is strong. Loves all things nerdy. Her party trick is being able to hear a 2 second clip of any Harry Potter movie and naming the exact scene complete with characters, wardrobe, and the movie title.
  • CHRIS - (they/them) warehouse manager, sales, social. The Drama, the one who gets shit done. Loves their dog and creates excuses for her to hang out at the warehouse on the daily. Has the most inappropriate ideas for new products.
  • REBEKAH - (she/her) Meet Rebekah, the account manager who takes care of everyone except her sense of humor. While she may not enjoy funny movies, she'll go to great lengths to make sure her clients are laughing all the way to the bank. But that's not all - Rebekah also has a weakness for influencer products, because who doesn't want to be a #trendsetter? So, whether she's slaying it in the boardroom or falling for the latest Instagram fad, Rebekah is always on top of her game.
  • SHARON - (she/herThe marketing maven who's always one step ahead of the game. She can create graphics, update a website, and come up with a dozen new ideas before you can say "marketing strategy." Her thoughts run a mile a minute, and you never know what brilliant idea she'll come up with next. But don't worry, she's quick-witted enough to keep up with herself. You'll hear her cracking jokes and making puns faster than you can say "red is her color." And speaking of red, it's practically her trademark. You'll see her sporting red lipstick, red bags, and even a red laptop. It's like she's trying to paint the world red with her marketing genius. But hey, if anyone can pull it off, it's Sharon. Just make sure to wear sunglasses, because the brilliance might be blinding.
  • GABY - (she/her) Introducing Gaby, the chief oven operator with a passion for all things Disney, horror films, and makeup. If you need a perfectly baked cake shaped like Mickey Mouse while discussing the best ways to slay a zombie, Gaby is your girl. She can whip up a makeup look while simultaneously giving you a detailed review of the latest horror flick. So, if you want to be spooked, beautified, and transported to the magical world of Disney all in one go, Gaby is your one-stop-shop.
  • AARON - (he/him) The print manager who's as busy as a Disney park on a summer day. When he's not running the printing shop or traveling to the Magic Kingdom with his lovely wife Gaby, he's rocking out on stage with his band Fit Kisto.
  • JAMI - (she/her) The production powerhouse who's involved in every aspect of the warehouse. From inventory to shipping, she's got it covered. But there's one thing that really gets Jami going, and that's a good sad lesbian song. Whether it's a ballad about heartbreak or a bittersweet love story, Jami can't resist a good cry. You'll catch her humming along to Tegan and Sara or listening to Hayley Kiyoko on full blast while she works. Some might say it's an odd choice of music for the warehouse, but Jami sees it as the perfect soundtrack to her day. And hey, who wouldn't want to belt out a tearjerker while packing boxes or counting inventory? It's like therapy, but with more cardboard boxes.
  • CAROLEE - (she/her) The pint-sized production powerhouse who's involved in every aspect of the warehouse. Don't let her size fool you - she's mighty, and she can lift boxes that are twice her weight. She's like a little dynamo, buzzing around the warehouse and getting things done. But when she's not packing boxes or making tall travel cups, you might catch Carolee modeling for Mugsby.
  • VINCE - (he/him) all things production, packaging
  • BELLA - (she/her) The oven operator with a sense of style that would make Anna Wintour jealous. You'll find her working hard in the warehouse, but somehow she always manages to look chic and put-together. It's like she's immune to the sweat and grime that come with working in a warehouse. Her coworkers are constantly in awe of her outfits - "How does she do it?" they whisper as Bella breezes by in a tailored blazer and boots. But don't be fooled by her sweet demeanor - Bella is a force to be reckoned with in the oven. She can bake a perfect batch of mugs like it's nobody's business. It's like she has a secret oven superpower. And speaking of superpowers, maybe her sense of style and sweet voice are part of her secret warehouse weapon. Who knows, but one thing is for sure - Bella is a true gem in the warehouse.
  • ROBBIE - (he/him) The screen press operator with the magic touch when it comes to portraits. It's like he's got a direct line to his subject's soul, and he captures it perfectly every time. But don't let that artistic prowess fool you - when he's not at his station, he's on the prowl for any flat surface he can find to doodle on. You'll find his masterpieces on the walls, the floors, even the ceilings! Heck, if you're not careful, you might even find his artwork on your lunchbox. But hey, who needs plain old Tupperware when you can have a one-of-a-kind Robbie original?
  • LUCAS - (he/him) The screen press assistant who's always ready to prep stations for screen printing, but never seems to catch a break. Maybe it's because he's always jamming out to his beloved Japanese Jazz while he works, lost in a world of smooth saxophone riffs and funky basslines. Or maybe it's just because he's got the worst luck known to man. Seriously, if there's a banana peel or a loose floorboard around, you can bet Lucas will find it - and slip on it. But don't worry, he always manages to bounce back with a smile on his face and a new jazz tune stuck in his head. Who needs good luck when you've got good music, right?
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